Web platforms have allowed political go kart online shop manifestation and wingo hack youtube debate for decades. Technology changes have brought new opportunities for expression, and the availability of longitudinal data of these debates entice new questions regarding who participates, and who updates their opinion. The aim of this work is to provide a methodology to measure these phenomena, and booe login to test this methodology on a specific topic, abortion, as observed on one of the most popular micro-blogging bozer clubs login vic platforms. To do so, we followed the discussion on Twitter about abortion in two Spanish-speaking countries from 2015 to 2018. Our main insights are two fold. On the one hand, people adopted new technologies to express their stances, particularly colored variations of heart emojis ( & ) in a way that mirrored physical manifestations on abortion. On the other hand, even on issues with strong opinions, opinions can change, New Color Prediction Game || Color Prediction Karke Paisa Kaise Kamaye || Best Earning site Like 鉁?share鉁搒ubscribed鉁?App聽… and these changes show differences in demographic groups. These findings imply that debate on the Web embraces new ways of stance adherence, and that changes of opinion can be measured and characterized.


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